Join us as we welcome Hilary Rice to our guild meeting on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. 

You can take a sneak peek at her work on her website

Our meeting starts at 6:45, guests are welcome, guest fee is $5.00.   Check our Meeting Times for more information.

Hilary's Bio

Working with Textiles as an art medium has flowed so easily from my life experiences, it never occurred to me to use anything else. I love the feel of Fibres, the shine of silk and satin.

While my skills as a textile artist are self- taught I have a university education. As people do, I accumulated skills along the way. I stitched my dolls clothes as a child, learned embroidery from my Aunt, and made my own wardrobe for years.

I taught myself crochet, macramé and knitting. My graduation gift from my parents was a sewing machine. I learned to spin yarn from raw fleece and taught myself to weave. It was just something I did in my spare time. My success has been based on years of developing an artistic eye.

I feel as though the flow of creativity is endless and so the drive to continue is strong. Wherever life takes me, I am sure it will involve sharing from the well of creativity which comes from the depth of my being.