It has become our practice that our web banners are based on quilts made by our guild members.   The actual quilt selected is one of the winning entries from our biennial quilt show guild challenge.

Once Upon A Time

The theme of our 2023 quilt show member challenge was ‘Once Upon A Time’.  Viewer’s Choice winner was Nancy Phelps.  Her winning entery quilt is entitled ‘Once Upon A Time (Carpe Diem)’

Journey Into The Past!

The theme of our 2019 quilt show member challenge was ‘Journey Into The Past’.  We had two categories:

  1. Original
  2. Copy (made from any copyrighted pattern/photo etc.)

Viewer’s Choice winner for original was Michelle Murray.  Her winning entry quilt is entitled “Aussie Reflections”.

Viewer’s Choice winner for copy was Annie Thomson.  Her winning entry quilt is entitled “Charlie”.

Oh Canada Eh!

The theme of our 2017 quilt show was “Oh Canada Eh” and the viewer’s choice winner of our member’s challenge was Jan Belanger.  Her winning quilt, is entitled “Reflections of Canada”

The Beginning, the End, and Beyond

The theme of our 2015 quilt show challenge was “Roots & Wings” and the viewer’s choice winner of our member’s challenge was Anne Rutherford.  Her winning quilt, entitled “the Beginning, the End, and Beyond” is based on a very personal time in her life, in her own words…

“2014 was a year of sadness. Within 5 months I lost my father, mother and dear friend. The production of this quilt was a therapeutic process. It has helped me heal while remembering and honouring my loved ones. My family and friends are the ROOTS of my beginning and are represented by the spring flowers, lady bugs and butterflies. The crosses represent their death and the angel wings represent their legacy, life after death, new beginnings which are protecting and watching over us. This quilt contains many first for me, using a panel, hand embroidering, beading and cording.”

The Cottage

After our inaugural quilt show in 2013 the decision was made to use member “winning entries” from our show challenge as the basis for our web banners.

The 2013 theme was “Reflections of Georgian Bay” and the winning entry was “The Cottage” by Pearl Sceviour.


The first banner was chosen to commemorate our 20th anniversary year.   The quilt “Windswept” was created by Susan Hopkinson in 1993.   She was our first guild president and it was an excellent choice for our 20th year celebration.   The quilt is currently owned by Ferguson Barristers and image used with their permission.

Disclaimer: If you see any distortion in this quilt it is due to the fact that the picture was taken from a very odd angle and straightened using Photoshop tools.  Sue’s quilt still hangs straight after 20+ years and any distortion is the fault of the photographer.

Image used with permission of Ferguson Barristers.