The guild name was chosen by member vote at our very first meeting.  The winner, Rose Ball, received a one year membership.

Somehow the name changed, and we went from “Georgian Bay Quilting Guild” (4 months) to “Georgian Bay Quilt Guild” (8 months) and finally settled on “Georgian Bay Quilters Guild” in April 1994.

There’s an ongoing debate about the use and origins of the apostrophe. What we’ve found in looking through the archives of our Newsletters is that the apostrophe kept moving around. Examples from 1997:

  • Feb 1997 – Georgian Bay Quilter’s Guild (singular ownership form)
  • Apr 1997 – Georgian Bay Quilters Guild (no apostrophe)
  • May 1997 – Georgian Bay Quilters’ Guild (plural ownership)
  • We currently use “Georgian Bay Quilters Guild