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Everyday Quilts
Author: Rita Fishel Category: Piecing Publisher: Amer Quilters Society Published: 03 Feb, 2011 ISBN: 9781574326819 Pages: 95 Tags:piecing | Purchase Here

Lap quilts get snack fallout at TV time. Kids’ beds see lots of playtime as well as sleep time. And who knows what Fido and Kitty do when no one’s looking? These quilts are the kind you love to make but don’t worry about using. Enjoy 15 easy machine-pieced patterns that any confident beginning quilter can create in no time. These quilts are fun to make and great time-savers. Also included are anecdotes and recipes, so the book can serve as the focus of a gathering for sewing, snacking, and story telling-perfect for making charity quilts.

Everyday Quilts
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