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Fast, Fun & Fabulous Quilts
Author: Suzanne Nelson Category: Piecing Publisher: Rodale Books Published: 15 Feb, 1996 ISBN: 0875967094 Pages: 256 Tags:piecing | Purchase Here

Fast, Fun and Fabulous Quilts By Suzanne Nelson presents 30 absolutely gorgeous quilts that are guaranteed to make you dash to your sewing room and start stitching. Every single quilt in this book is…

FAST! Timesaving tips, tricks, and techniques shave time off cutting, piecing, and appliqué.

FUN! Hundreds of ideas on color variations, easy embellishments, and quilting designs give you lots of creative inspiration.

FABULOUS! Sixteen talented designers share their very best quilt projects with you.

Father Christmas…page 104
Bear with Us…page 206
Hearts and Spools…page 146

Fast, Fun & Fabulous Quilts
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