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Mastering Quilt Making
Author: Pepper Cory Category: Hand Quilting Publisher: C&T Publishing Published: 05 Nov, 2010 ISBN: 1571200770 Pages: 82 Tags:hand quilting | quilting | Purchase Here

A necessity for every quilter’s library! Pepper answers the most commonly asked questions about quilt marking. Includes 11 new quilting designs and tips for improving your quilt marking skills. How to choose designs that complement and contrast with the quilt top. All about marking tools. How to make the quilt design match in the borders and corners, plus 10 ways to mark a border that do not involve matching! How to make your own quilting stencils. How to preserve a quilt design found on a old quilt. Quilting from the judge’s point of view. Photos of inspiring antique and newly-made quilts.

Mastering Quilt Making
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