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Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts

 Author: RaNae Merrill  Category: Paper Piecing  Publisher: RaNae Merrill Quilt Design  : 05 Mar, 2015  ISBN: 1942853009  Pages: 164  Tags: paper piecing |

In this second edition of her most popular book, RaNae has updated and expanded her one-of-a-kind techniques for creating fascinating and beautiful spiral quilts. Written for all levels of experience, it gets you started quickly and easily with no stress, confusion, or math skills required. Just bring your creativity and passion for quilting! You’ll learn the basic techniques and variations on four types of spirals: • Nesting spirals • Baravelle spirals • Pinwheel spirals • Point-to-Point spirals And how to: • change spin direction • choose colors and fabrics • combine spirals and non-spiral elements Choose any of three methods: •By hand, completely freehand, using only a straight edge •By hand, precisely, using a ruler to measure increments in each spoke •On the computer, using Electric Quilt Five complete projects and a gorgeous gallery of quilts by RaNae and fellow “spiromaniacs” will pull you into their world of spirals. Each project uses RaNae’s simplified foundation piecing techniques and demonstrates the wonderful possibilities of working with spirals. Whirling, swirling and bursting-with-color, some designs seem to explode from the center, while others unravel into whirligigs and colored ribbons. Readers have access to an online template library which includes patterns for the five projects in the book and hundreds of spiral blocks in different shapes and sizes (all of the materials that were included on the CD in the first edition, plus additional spiral templates that would not fit on the CD). (Note: All of the editorial errors found in the first printing of SASQ are corrected in this 2nd edition. The previous publisher corrected the most critical errors in its second printing of the book, done in 2009. To know if you have the corrected version first edition, look at the bottom of page 97; if there is a note saying the instructions are continued on the next page you have a corrected copy.)

Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts