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Stitched The Film
Author: Category: DVD Publisher: Published: 01 Jan, 2011 ISBN: 886641081 Pages: Tags:DVD | Purchase Here
Stitched is a fun-filled documentary following three quilters racing to complete their entries for the International Quilt Festival, the largest quilt show in the nation.
The International Quilt Festival in Houston draws more than 50,000 quilters including three artists who created some controversy with their work. Quilting legend Caryl Bryer Fallert was the first to win a major prize for her quilt made with a sewing machine. She mentored Hollis Chatelain who caused a stir when she won an award for a painted quilt. And Hollis mentored Randall Cook who sparked controversy with his quilt of a male nude. The documentary also features the Paducah quilt show, one of the largest tourist attractions in the state of Kentucky.
In this lively 72-minute documentary, these art quilters create their pieces to compete in the 2010 quilt show. As we all know, there are tight bonds of friendship between quilters … behind every stitch, there is a story of friendship, art and passion. This is great entertainment for your next quilt gathering!
Stitched The Film
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