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Sudoku Quilts
Author: CYNDI HERSHEY Category: Piecing Publisher: Martingale & Company Published: 10 Apr, 2007 ISBN: 1564777317 Pages: 16 Tags:piecing | Purchase Here

Sudoku puzzles have soared in popularity – and now quilters can get in the game! The grids used in today’s trendy Sudoku number puzzles are a perfect match for making quilts. But instead of numbers, quilters can place colors and fabrics in brain-teasing designs.
Choose from four winning patterns with a game-like goal – each row and column of blocks should contain a different fabric, color or motif
Base designs on nine color families, nine block styles, nine block centers, or nine fabric motifs
Mix and match different sashing treatments for one-of-a-kind design – just like Sudoku, the possibilities are mind-boggling!

Sudoku Quilts
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