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Thinking Outside the Block
Author: San Di Cummings Category: Modern Publisher: C&T Publishing Published: 01 Feb, 2011 ISBN: 1571202382 Pages: 98 Tags:modern | Purchase Here

Contemporary quilts the easy way – no rules, just fun! Start with traditional blocks as Sandi Cummings shares easy steps to designing and creating your own artistic quilts. Next, move up to deceptively simple ‘transition’ units that offer a bridge into the world of contemporary quiltmaking. Spontaneity and experimentation are key, so get ready to loosen up and have fun as you learn! 6 different blocks teach Sandi’s concepts – one step at a time. Easy processes include inserting strips into blocks, constructing free-form units, cutting double, and creating checkerboards. Learn to experiment with design and develop one-of-a-kind quilts.

Thinking Outside the Block
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